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designed for your life

Our products are engineered to conquer subways and stairs, small places and wide open spaces. We test them to extremes, to make sure they can keep pace with you and your kids.

our strollers

tested to
extremes, like you

Each Baby Jogger stroller undergoes a series of grueling tests to make sure it can stand up to all your adventures.

a glimpse at some of our rigorous tests

rolling road test

Our stroller pre-production samples take on a bumpy track on a huge treadmill, running for approximately 224 miles.* We run the test up to 10 times before we're satisfied.

curb mount test

This test simulates mounting a curb to make sure your stroller can conquer any city street with ease. The stroller takes the curb 10,000 times per cycle, and we repeat the test 5-7 times on each pre-production sample.*

lap test

Once our initial tests are complete, we take our strollers outside to really make sure they can stand up to the elements. Each stroller takes on a course featuring harsh terrain like mud, sand, and cobblestone, and obstacles like ramps and stairs. Oh, and we do 1,000 laps…and run the test up to 3 times.

cycle test

Before everything is approved, we make sure to test each element of the stroller pre-production sample for durability. That means things like opening and closing the canopy…10,000 times. Or folding and unfolding the stroller…3,000 times. Look, we like to be thorough.

*Testing for strollers sold in European and other international markets may include additional cycles to meet local testing requirements.

baby jogger stands for







After all that testing, we feel confident in offering a lifetime stroller frame warranty. We warrant that our stroller and jogger frames are free of manufacturer defects for the lifetime of the product.

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