Car Seat Adapters

Find the right adapter to connect your infant car seat to your stroller with ease.

More Riding Options

Shop for a second seat, carrycot, or glider board to increase your stroller's versatility.


Choose a weather shield to keep baby riding comfortably.


Up the experience with an add-on belly bar, or parent console.

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 You can easily enhance any Baby Jogger® stroller by incorporating one or many of our compatible accessories. While our convertible strollers offer several riding options from day 1, our baby carrycot accessory helps keep baby cozy and protected, supporting newborns up to 6 months old. A glider board can also give our strollers a boost, easily attaching for bigger kids to ride along, while a belly bar can give your child a comfortable and secure place to put their hand while you stroll. Our car seat adapters help create the perfect travel system, allowing you to bring baby on any adventure near or far.

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